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Research review/ Research assessment of Scientific Research(Onderzoeksbeoordeling)


Process Consultant of Research Assessment Committees at Dutch Universities  / Procesbegeleider(secretaris) voor de beoordeling van wetenschappelijk onderzoek aan Nederlandse Universiteiten

Research at Dutch Universities is assessed every 6 years. The primary aim of the research assessments is to reveal and confirm the quality and the relevance of the research to society and to improve these where necessary. The assessment is carried out by a independent, international expert committee and is guided by a process consultant. Quicken Organisatie Adviseurs (QOA) has considerable experience in guiding these expert committees.

The QOA Approach

The secretary of the committee both acts as a process consultant to support the committee to perform its tasks as well as an editor of the Assessment Committee Report on Research. The following activities are part of these tasks: (1) making arrangements between the Faculty and the (chairman of) the committee, (2) together with the Faculty determining a time schedule of the site visit, (3) performing a pre-audit on the self-evaluation report, (4) preparing the site visit and making sure the committee members prepare themselves thoroughly, (5) guiding the committee through the process during the site visit, (6) editing the first draft of the Assessment Committee Report on Research, and (7) coordinating the adversarial process and the finalising and the delivery of a hard copy of the report to the University before the set deadline.

QOA performs the Research Assessments according to the Standard Evaluation Protocol (SEP) 2015-2021. The Executive Board of the Universities act as the client/ principal to the assignment.

Critical Success Factors of our Approach

A well-prepared committee is our key to a successful Research Assessment process. For this purpose, in 2014, QOA developed a pre-assessment format and procedure for preparing the committee. This procedure has proven itself to work very well the past years.

The secretary has good knowledge of the funding system of Dutch research. This is especially useful in case the committee has a non-Dutch chair.

QOA works with an internal secondary QOA consultant that keeps track of the secretary’s activities to ensure our high-quality standards. He also backs up the secretary in case of emergency in order to ensure the continuity of the review process. The costs for this quality assurance are not passed onto the client.

Experience of the process consultant & References

The role of process consultant is carried out by ir. Sven Laudy. Sven is a senior management consultant at QOA and experienced in assessment processes within the context of scientific research in The Netherland.  Some of his more recent relevant activities include:

  • 2011-2012 Consultant for development of PDEng-programmes of the Stan Ackermans Institute at University of Twente
  • 2013-2014  Editor-in-chief of the self-evaluation report of the Research Assessment of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente.
  • 2014  Process consultant Research Assessment Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft [report]
  • 2015  Process consultant Research Assessment Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft [report]
  • 2016  Process consultant Research Assessment Applied Physics, TU Delft [report]
  • 2017  Process consultant Research Assessment Technology, Policy & Management, TU Delft [report]
  • 2017  Process consultant Research Assessment Electrical Engineering, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente and TU Delft (Cluster 3 TU’s) [report]

Relevant references available upon request.

Qualities of Sven: experienced in process consultancy, strong communicative skills and result driven. Sven holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Science at the University of Twente.